Kat Von D - Story in Tattoos

 Knowing her past transfers to LA Ink tattoo and her scandalous relationship Jesse James, the former spouse of Sandra Bullock.
After waking out the whole story of infidelity, much love and separation, Sandra James lost, but in contrast, remained at the eccentric obiyatiyata tatuistka Kat.

 In a few words can describe it as - is tattooed from head to toe, always wears heavy makeup, her style of dress is a mix between flare and elegance, and character describe it pulled to strangers and more devoted to family

 Born on 8 March 1982. in the town of Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Her real name is Katherine Von Drachenberg, but in public have the condensed version - just Kat Von D (Kat von D)

 When he was 4 years old her family moved to the U.S. state of California. Even then, her grandmother predicts that small and lush Cat will deal with art throughout his life.
 From 6 years of playing the piano and in the coming years is hopelessly in love with classical music and Beethoven in particular.
 When she was 19 her musical preferences are changing rapidly and she developed a passion for punk rock.
Her body is covered with inscriptions of her favorite bands like HIM, Turbonegro, ZZ Top, AC / DC, Slayer and Metallica.
The first tattoo that is painted on her own skin, and later friends increasingly began to rely on her ink and trimmer.

While working at True Tattoo tattoo studio he met many famous musicians, which still remain her loyal friends and customers.Kat Von D is part of the underground world, which has long sought its gentle creative muse.
   Kat creates its own cosmetic line Sephora, organized Tattoo Festival Musink Festival, and in January issued its first book High Voltage Tattoo, which tells about the great new artists to work on Tatooine and the meaning of their art.
 The famous tattoo artist discusses her favorite tattoos, inking Lady Gaga, as well as how she became a world record holder.


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