Video of Kids Giving Their Parents Tattoos!

We started putting out videos of first tattoo reactions and we figured we would switch it up. We noticed that a lot of parents let their kids give them a tattoo. If you have the equipment, you are allowed to do this but its highly recommended that you get someone at a tattoo shop give you a tattoo. I think it’s pretty cool to let your kid give you a tattoo. I would think all they are doing is outlining the tattoo and not doing anything else like coloring and shading the tattoo. I could understand why some people would think this is bad. I mean some adults that are tattoo artists aren’t even that good, so how can a kid? Your right they can’t, but they can learn if they are really interested in it and gives them great experience. What do you think? Take a look at these videos below!
12 Year old kid gives his dad a tattoo!

7 year old tattooing her Dad!
9 year old kid giving his dad a tattoo!

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