When Tattoos Get Older....

(src: pinterest Lyle Tuttle, a tattoo artist, who began tattooing in 1949)
  Tattoos are like a fine wine... they only get better with age. The ink you get now will forever tell the story of your life and that story only gets more interesting as you develop into the person you set out to become. Sure, as time goes on...your tattoos are probably not going to look like they did when you were younger, but then again, neither will you. You'll just have decorated wrinkles and that cherry may become an apple but it is the journey you show through ink that reveals just how special you are.

 "What are you going to do when you are old?" This is a question I'm often asked and it's mostly by my mother every time I get a new tattoo. The question is not as annoying as it is funny to me. It's hilarious that many folks think that tattoos will hinder your activities as an older person. It won't change your health, financial status or ability to take Atlantic City bus trips to the Casino...which can totally change your financial status!

"You'll look like a silly old lady with tattoos!" Honestly, I am going to be more concerned with getting to the bathroom in time than on how I look to people. Instead of worrying about trying to look like a "normal" senior citizen...be you! If that means you'll be riding out life tatted till' those wheels fall off than good for you. Be an awesome older person with tattoos and stories to tell about what inspired you to get them.