15 Of The Absolute WORST Tattoos Ever

“Dude, that is SO awesome! Just watch, I’m gonna get that tattooed!”
Famous last words.

We’ve all done it. Seen, heard, or experienced something so amazing we wanted to commemorate it for the rest of our lives. Unfortunately, some of these people obviously didn’t have the internet to help show them that some ideas are in fact, just plain stupid. There are worse, many by folks with many more tattoos or body modifications. I excluded those because unusual is a valid reason to go there. These people for the most part, seem somewhat normal. Which makes these pictures even more hilarious.
Close your eyes and put yourself in these people’s shoes and maybe you can hear somewhere in the back of your head, their reasoning for doing this or what they told their friends as they were headed off to the tattoo parlor to go get it done. Maybe you’ll just hear silence – Hey, we tried folks. 
Tattoos Of Loved Ones – No, It’s Not The Thought That Counts

1. Girl’s Gone Ugly.
Congratulations, your daughter is now going to hate you for the rest of your life
2.Almost.. Nah, not really.
Oh wait! You DIDN’T want her to look like a hideous cave-dwelling troll?
 3.Crazy Beautiful  

Maybe it was the movie that inspired this one, maybe it was just the way she felt. I wonder if  she even realized why this picture is so funny?

Just in case the doctor doesn’t know where to find the collar bone..
5.Just Plain “Awsome”
Sometimes you just can’t afford to buy a vowel…
6.Not everybody loves Raymond
There’s really nothing left to say with this one.
7.Hulk Hogan
Pre-reality TV show
8.You’re doing it wrong
If you have to write what the tattoo is.. reconsider.
9.The Suicide Bomber
For the man that wants guaranteed cavity searches for life
10. Cat...
 The hairy cat butthole tattoo – for the man who’s simply tired of getting laid.
11.Mr. CooL ICE
Nope, the glasses on the back of the head still don’t make it cool.
12.Ah, Good Ol’ Minnesota
 Sorry, no state is that cool. Not even Minnesota.
 This woman was paid $10,000 to get this tattoo on her head. She said she did it so she could put her kids through school. She was obviously too dumb to go to school herself because $10,000 wouldn't even buy you an associate degree!
14. Ride
Is he trying to suggest: "ride me, baby"?
15. Shine
 Big tattooed stupid Kimberly Vlaminck had previously said she 'fell asleep' in a tattooist's chair and then mistakenly received 56 tattoos instead of the original 3 she wanted later admitted she lied. She in fact asked for the 56 stars on her face. She fibbed to escape the wrath of her father. We're not sure what made her look dumber, the lie she gave to the world, or the lame stars on her face.