10 Interesting Facts About Tattoos

They say that when in the XIX century in Europe, returned the sailor, who spent many years with the natives in New Zealand, looked at him as a rare wonder. The ladies at the sight of him faint, because the whole body was covered with sailor tattoos.
The word "tattoo" has come to us from the Polynesian languages as a result of travels of Captain Cook in Tahiti. For the Maori of New Zealand's process of applying tattoos have spiritual significance. Male Maori tattoo was applied all over the face. Each drawing, which is sometimes done in a few weeks, was a unique and highly amplified features a particular person. But in general it is not unique to the distant natives.
Here are a dozen stories about tattoos.
1. The ancient Slavs tattoos were mostly women. Images of the skin were a ritual amulet homemaker.

2. John F. Kennedy brought his tattoo only at the insistence of his wife (on his shoulder was a turtle), and Winston Churchill had a tattoo in the form of anchor. Incidentally, in 1900 found that 90% of U.S. Navy sailors have tattoos. Turtle means that the sailor crossed the equator.

3. The Catholic Church is not against tattoos. Paying their religion natives, Catholics did convert to the tattoo in the form of a cross or crucifix in order that they can not move to another faith. Now there are over a hundred officially registered associations of Christian tattoos, which offer services in tattooing with biblical scenes and canonical texts. If desired, a tattoo can even sanctify.

4. In the British Royal Family Tattoo approved since 1862, when the future King Edward VII made a tattoo in the shape of a cross on his arm. The Prince Charles also had a tattoo, but he brought her shortly before her marriage to Diana. Virtually the entire body of King Harold had tattoos scenes military battles.

5. The Japanese geisha tattoo was considered one of the five proof of love. The other four - it's cutting hair, writing a love vows, clipping nails, and finally cutting off his little finger.

6. The most vulgar tattoo was once on the shoulder of Joseph Kobzon. Imagine if it was made in blue ink inscription "Do not forget your own mother!"

7. History of the wittiest tattoo. During the Vietnam War the U.S. made a tattoo of a conscript in the form of two indecent words on the edge of the right palm. ITS was visible only when he saluted, so that the army was not taken.

8. The most "tattooed" person in the world lives on the Isle of Skye in Scotland. 99,9% of the surface of his skin covered with tattoos, which repeats the pattern of leopard skins. The only parts of his body not covered with tattoos, were between the toes and inside of his ears

9. Victoria Beckham does tattoos in the form of names of people dear to her on her, sorry, the pope. There already has a tattoo with her own name, the name of her husband and first son. Recently, she made another buttock tattoo with the name of her second son. By the way, they say that Victoria wants to leave show business and have five more children.

10. Also, tattoos were at Albert Einstein, Nicholas II and Stalin.

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