Sabina Kelley

Sabina Kelley has established herself as a true, modern day, pinup and icon. With a wide international presence, she has graced dozens of magazine covers as well as major ad campaigns, television, music videos, calendars, and so much more.

She is highly respected in her field and has been sought out by some of the top photographers in the business including David LaChapelle and the legendary, BunnyYeager.
There's no stopping this girl and even in an industry who's still not very fond of having a model with this many tattoos, she's making it big! And she's already in her 30's and a mother of three!Her hobbies include lowriders, bowling, tattoos (wouldn't have guessed it!), traveling, going to the ballet.Sabina shows the world that you can be heavily tattooed and still be beautiful, classy.Sabina is a model, tv star, business woman, and mother, and she manages to do it all with grace and style.I just can't get enough of you Sabina! And I'm sure I'm not the only one!

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