Iron Mike Tyson – Serious Tattoo Mojo

 It used to be that when you thought about Mike Tyson, you thought, “Dominant Boxer”. However, these days Mike Tyson is more known for the great boxer he was, the even better boxer he could have been, the criminal he became, and the good man he has become; oh yeah, and for his face tattoo. Everyone knows about Iron Mike’s famous tribal on the left side of his mug, but many forget that he also has a bunch of other somewhat strange ink all over his body.

The man that a whole generation only knows as “the guy in The Hangover” not only has his famous face tat, but also has a picture of Mao Zedong, a picture of Ché Gueverra, and a picture of Arthur Ashe. I understand each one individually, but I can’t exactly see the three of them having lunch together, so I don’t understand appreciating each one enough to tattoo them on yourself without feeling conflicted. However.

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